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If you have not tried Joe's Jerky, we thought it would make sense to explain why Joe's is better than most jerky products in the market. If you're already a loyal Joe's customer, we still thought you would want to know why you prefer our products. We talk a lot about No MSG, No Artificial Preservatives, No Nitrates, but what does that all mean?


Most of the Jerky you'll see at the grocery checkout stand or at your local convenience store is chopped and formed jerky. This comes from the big boys that Sasquatch messes with and others that you see at most mass merchants. As you can probably imagine, these companies take ground/chopped meat and form it into jerky-like shapes. There are considerable cost savings with this style, but there are other costs that are passed along to the consumer in the form of added preservatives, flavor enhancers (MSG), texture enhancers (Maltodextrine), and other additives like Sodium Nitrite which gives you that reddish color.

Joe's Jerky is whole muscle jerky, so that is why we can call our jerky All Natural. By using this cut of meat, we don't need all that other junk to make our jerky appear to be the right color, texture or have a longer shelf life. If you have some spare time, google some of the chemicals listed in the paragraph above, and I doubt you'll be going for any chopped and formed products in the future.


This heading might be a little misleading, because there isn't much to talk about. Our jerky is packed with all natural protein that comes from the whole muscle meat. Most chopped and formed jerky may claim to have similar protein content, but that comes by adding soy protein during processing. I don't know about you, but we always prefer au-naturel!


If you're new to our company, I think it's important to know the man behind the meat. Joe Martino is an outdoor enthusiast and accomplished outdoor writer who wanted to make a better product than he could get at the local store. Each recipe was tested, tweaked, tested and tweaked some more! Deciding to go the whole muscle route over chopped and formed was a decision to ensure the highest quality, most natural and best tasting product he could create.

Now with the support of local retailers, his product can be found at numerous locations in North Central Indiana and distribution continues to grow. If you've ever met Joe, you can attest to his charm, honesty and dedication to this business. We'd love for you to join the many faithful Joe's Jerky fans. Should you ever have any questions about our products, distribution opportunities or just want to learn more about Joe, feel free to contact us at info@eatjoesjerky.com.

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