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Rest In Peace Deputy Koontz

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Today, Howard County, Indiana Sheriff Deputy Carl Koontz was laid to rest.  Deputy Koontz was killed in action by a heartless criminal. 

I remember Carl before he became an outstanding deputy.

Before becoming a deputy, Carl was a meat cutter and often sliced the beef for Joe's Jerky.  Jus as he was an exemplary deputy, he was also one of the best meat cutters that we at Joe's Jerky have ever worked with..

My son also spoke to Deputy Koontz daily as Carl was the Liaison officer at his school.

As hard as it is to believe that such a wonderfully inspiring man is no longer with us, we will always remember Deputy Koontz and be honored for having known him.  He truly had a positive impact on, not just us, but all that knew him.

Thank you for your service Deputy Koontz.  God Bless you, and Rest In Peace.

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