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Archery Trade Association (ATA) show showcases products for 2016

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Each January at the annual Archery Trade Association (ATA) show, companies roll out their new products, and each year I notice pretty much a common theme.  For the most part, most companies brandish refined versions of their products with additional features or enhancements.There are also a handful of companies introducing new products that you just know are going to tank for one reason or another.But then there are those few items that you notice that stop you in your tracks.Whether from an established company or a fresh start-up. Whether amazingly simple or not so much. You just know they are going to be a hit and that they will truly make you a better hunter.

With the newest offerings now unleashed for the upcoming hunting seasons, I am going to share the ones that I feel are the shining stars for the upcoming year and the ones that will find their way into my hunting regimen this season.

CIRRUS Vape Wind Indicator:

The game of wind detection has changed.CIRRUS has changed the wind detection market for the first time in decades. The patent pending design allows the user to puff true vapor into the air and detect the slightest wind or thermal currents. The benefit is thousands of puffs per cartridge, USB rechargeable, lightweight and minimal user movement.

Believe me, I saw this thing in action and, although I cringe at using this cliché, it is a game-changer.And a retail price of around $30, it is the most inexpensive innovation on the market.

The CIRRUS vapor wind indicator will be available later in the first quarter of this year. 

Check it out at www.huntvape.com.

Scent Crusher:

We all know how important human scent elimination is, and the products by Scent Crusher take odor control to an entirely new level.

Developed from NASA based research, Scent Crusher products feature scent-crushing Ozone Activated Technology.This Ozone Activated Technology effectively eliminates all odors on your gear.Sweat, soaps, food, perfume – you name it, Scent Crusher eliminates it by killing the organisms that cause odors including bacteria and virus.100% chemical-free, Scent Crusher leaves no scent, chemical residue or harmful byproducts.

With different options available like their gear bag, storage closet and Ozone Go plug in car purifier, keeping your clothing and gear completely scent-free is now a reality.

The new leader in scent elimination has arrived, and its name is Scent Crusher. 

Go to www.scentcrusher.com for more information.

Mathews Archery, Inc. HalonTM:

What can I say about Mathews Archery?Their innovation and reputation for putting out the smoothest shooting bows precedes themselves.But I can say this; they have certainly struck gold again this year with the introduction of their two newest offerings for 2016.The New HalonTM and the NO CAM HTXTM.I shot them both and, honestly, loved them both, each having just a slightly different draw cycle.In 2016 though, I will be shooting the HalonTM.Offering blistering speeds with an almost unbelievably smooth draw cycle and zero shock at the shot, it felt too good to be true, and after just one shot, I knew it was the one.You just don’t get that feeling very often out of a bow, but I got it with the Halon.

And in case you are concerned by the price tag of a top-end bow, don’t fret, Mathews has you covered there too.The new Z3TM gives you everything Mathews is known for, only for a few hundred bucks less.

Go to www.mathewsinc.com to find your next bow.

YETI Rambler BottlesTM:

The success of YETI’s Rambler’s in 2015 was unprecedented, and for good reason.They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold – for a very long time – period.For 2016, YETI is introducing Rambler Bottles in 18, 36 and 64-ounce sizes.

The Rambler BottlesTM Over-the-Nose™ technology makes for easy loading, drinking, and cleaning, while the TripleHaul™ cap provides a comfortable grip and is 100% leak-proof. Each bottle includes the benefits of all YETI Rambler™ products, like 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulation, and a No Sweat™ design.

What this translates into is a container that will blow your mind.I already see a 64-ounce on in my future.I’m not saying that I partake in adult drinks a lot, but I will just say that I do get tired of mixing drinks several times a day out on the lake.Problem solved.

In case you are wondering, yes, they will also be offering a new line of lids for the regular RamblerTM series as well. The two new options include one with a straw insert and one with a sliding mechanism that will allow you to close the lid.Not necessary in my opinion, but hey, they got you covered.

As an interesting note, I saw a lot of look-a-likes at the show, and you may be thinking that some of them are comparable to a YETI, but what I did discover was that none of them are.Well, they are in price, but not in functionality.

Check out the entire line-up of YETI swag at www.yeti.com

ClickIt Hot:

You thought all hand warmers were the same, but they aren’t.ClickIt Hot hand warmers warm up instantly with the snap of an internal coin.They provide about thirty minutes of 130 degree heat (with larger pads providing heat for longer periods of time) and are re-useable.By simply boiling them, you restore them to their original composition, ready for their next use.

So there you have it, my top picks for 2016.Be sure to check these products out for yourself to see what I’m talking about. 

Go to www.clickithot.com for more details.

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